Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Stories March 6

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t the company’s proper flagship for the year, but it’s definitely Samsung’s most exciting foldable yet and the first one anyone should consider buying. If you do pull the trigger on a Galaxy Z Flip, rest assured it won’t lag behind on software updates as now, Samsung is rolling out the March security patch for the Galaxy Z Flip.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Stories March 3

Samsung makes some of the best Android devices on the market right now, and it’s latest Galaxy S20 series is no exception to that! One big complaint about the company’s devices, though, is the lack of long-term support and, well, that’s not changing. Samsung has recently confirmed that its Galaxy S20 series will still only get two major Android updates.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Stories February 19

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip quickly sold out online and in most retail stores within just a day of its launch last week, but if you’re hoping to get your hands on the foldable, stock is coming back soon.

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Perhaps the biggest meaningful change on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the use of “Ultra-Thin Glass,” a material that could be very meaningful for future foldables. Now, Samsung Display is commercializing Ultra-Thin Glass, making it available to other device makers.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Stories February 17

Galaxy Z Flip gets its first update w/ ‘Single Take’ camera, assorted fixes

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hit the market on Friday, and so far, it’s proving popular enough to make stock pretty scarce. Now that some consumers and lots of reviewers have their hands on the device, Samsung is already pushing out the first Galaxy Z Flip update with support for the “Single Take” camera mode and more.

It looks like some foldable phones owned by tech reviewers are already breaking — and it’s happening for more people than just the one that intentionally abuses his devices. The latest events involve both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Moto Razr (2020), and it looks like there might be temperature-related causes for the maladies… expand full story

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