Google acquiring Gecko Design for help with X projects


Google is acquiring Gecko Design, a firm that helps develop products for companies like Hewlett-Packard, Slingmedia, Dell, Fitbit and furniture maker Herman Miller. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed but the Los Gatos, California company will be rolled into Google’s X lab, which is responsible for items like Glass and the search giant’s driverless car.

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New Delaware law expands access to Google accounts of the deceased, 10 other states also considering

Google Personal Search

A new law signed into action in Delaware recently deals with how to handle a deceased person’s online data on sites such as Google and Facebook. Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed into law a new bill that gives estate attorneys and other fiduciaries more control over and access to their deceased customers’ data. Executors authorized to take control of a person’s will also are included in the new law and have the ability to transfer email and data to another family member, but is not required by the law to do so.

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Intel & Unity team up to offer better native app experience for Intel-based Android devices

Intel and Unity announced a new partnership today that will allow developers building games on the Unity platform to offer a better native app experience on Intel-based Android devices.

The collaboration will mean Unity will make sure its platform works seamlessly with future updates from Intel including graphics and CPU performance enhancements. It will also hopefully result in a smoother app experience for Unity games running on Intel-based Android devices: Read more

‘Right to be forgotten’ farce continues as BBC posts links to 12 stories removed by Google


People who have asked Google to remove links to news stories under the controversial European ‘right to be forgotten‘ ruling are once again finding the move counter-productive. The BBC News site has posted links to stories removed from Google’s search, bringing back into the spotlight stories that are in some cases more than a decade old.

The BBC posted links to all 12 of the stories removed from Google’s search results. They range from the serious – three men accused of possessing bomb-making equipment in Ireland – to the ridiculous, a dispute over a lost dog …  Read more

A look back at 10 of Google’s biggest search milestones since 2004

Europe Antitrust Google

What a difference a decade makes. Google’s head of search Amit Singhal recently reflected on the search giant’s last ten years, starting with its IPO, where Larry Page and Sergey Brin shared their vision with the rest of the world. In an open letter, Page and Brin boldly informed would-be shareholders that Google was not a conventional company and that their intentions were for it to never become one.

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Samsung and Apple will sew-up the smartwatch market, others will fail, predicts analyst


Samsung and Apple will largely own the smartwatch market between them, predicts Jackdaw Research chief analyst Jan Dawson in a report being issued later today and seen by Re/code.

Dawson said that new players should “stay out of the market,” and existing players should scale back their plans.

“We do not recommend that existing vendors should maintain current levels of investment when market growth and the overall revenue opportunity remain poor,” Dawson said. “It is unlikely that more than one or two small vendors will be able to make a sustainable business out of smartwatches in the face of competition from Samsung and [...] Apple” …

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