Vine for Android updated with new capture widget, channels, and ability to revine posts


Vine for Android has just been updated with several new features, which are very similar to what iOS users received last week. The feature that differentiates the Android update from the iOS update, however, is a new capture widget that you can add to your home screen. From there, simply tap it to go right into the recording interface.

In addition to the capture widget, the update also adds the ability to share or “revine” another user’s post, as well as new tools for recording, including a grid, focus enhancements, and more. Finally, Vine for Android also adds channel support, which means that users can now browse specific topics of interest from the Explore screen, such as Sports, Family, Dogs, Cats, and more.

This update to Vine is our biggest yet!

  • Browse or submit your posts to 15 new channels
  • Share your favorite posts with all your followers on Vine in one tap
  • Instantly jump to the Vine camera right from your home screen
  • Shoot with style using the new focus, grid, and ghost tools

The update is available in the Play Store now.  Read more

Leaked Verizon document points to August 1 release for HTC One, August 23 for Moto X Phone


Even though other carriers have been offering the HTC One for months now, Verizon has yet to announce availability for the flagship device, simply stringing customers along as far as possible. According to a new document obtained by PhoneArena, however, we’re still a little less than a month away from a launch.

The leaked roadmap claims that we will see the HTC One on Verizon’s LTE network August 1st. This falls in line with what Verizon announced earlier last month when it promised a launch this summer. The document also claims that Verizon will release the highly anticipated Moto X Phone on August 23. We’re thinking that may be a pre-order date, however, as Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said himself at the AllThingsD conference that the device is coming this October.

We all know that Verizon is almost always the last carrier to launch a phone when it’s released universally on carriers, such was the case with the Galaxy S4, but the carrier does have a good relationship with Motorola. The two have had a strong relationship because of the DROID line of devices, which could mean that they have advanced knowledge of one another’s plans and that Verizon could launch the X Phone ahead of other carriers.

Keep in mind that this is a rumor and something like this could be faked pretty easily, but we’ll definitely keep you updated on further developments regarding these two devices.

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Google Maps update adds new Latitude button, ability to save maps offline


Earlier this week Google rolled out an update to its Maps app with a new interface and several new features, but the update also removed a several key things, including the ability to save maps offline and the popular Latitude tracking tool. In a post on Google+ this morning, however, the Maps team announced that an update will begin rolling out to Maps users today that adds those two features back to the app.

We’ve been happy to hear so many of you enjoying the interface and features of the new Google Maps app for Android, but we know some of you are missing an easy way to access maps offline. That’s why our engineering team has been working around the clock to add a “Make this map area available offline” card below the search box for easier access. And, if you still want some #thumbercise, typing “ok maps” will work too!

With this update, we’ve also added a “Where’s Latitude?” link at the bottom of the side menu which provides more information about the future of location sharing.

The update will begin rolling out to users today, so be sure to keep an eye on the Play Store for it to hit your device. Read more

Google offering free ebook on how to take better pictures with Android phones and tablets

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 5.37.35 PM

Photographer Colby Brown is offering a free book on the Google Play Store about how to take better photos with Android phones and tablets. The book covers different grips you can use to get the best shot out of your device, as well as third-party apps that can help edit and share your photos.

This invaluable guide on how to better use the camera on your Android phone will make all the difference in the world as you capture and share the world around you with others.

The book is free for a limited time on the Play Store, though you must have a credit card associated with your account in order to send it to your device.  Read more

Moto X would be most heavily-promoted smartphone ever, if Google’s planned $500M spend is true


The WSJ is reporting (via Techmeme) that Google is planning to allow Motorola to spend up to half a billion dollars to promote its forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Moto X. This would mean Motorola would spend more on promoting one handset than either Samsung or Apple spent in total last year across all their mobile devices.

Google is expected to allow its Motorola hardware unit to spend several hundred million dollars—and possibly upward of $500 million—to market the highly-anticipated device in the U.S. and some overseas markets, including in Europe, said people familiar with the matter.

All four major U.S. wireless carriers—AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp., and T-Mobile—are expected to make the device available to their customers this fall, in part because of Motorola’s marketing plans …  Read more