Twitter for Android updated with direct message syncing, more


Alongside the iOS and Mac update that rolled out earlier this afternoon, Twitter for Android has also been updated with several new features. Most notably, direct messages now sync across all of Twitter’s official apps (Mac, iPad, Web, Tweetdeck, mobile web, Android). Before today, if you read a direct message on your desktop, it would still be marked as unread on your phone.

  • Now when you read a Direct message it will be marked as read in all of your official Twitter apps (including,, Twitter for Mac, Twitter for iPad and TweetDeck) and vice versa.
  • As you search you can now see user avatars and clear past searches from the dropdown menu
  • Richer search results indicate when there are new Tweets for your query and show account results with bios and social context

Missing from this update is the new reply field that iOS devices got, but hopefully that feature comes sooner rather than later.  Read more

Company selling makeshift plastic iPhone hardware running Android [video]

Over the weekend, Techdy released high quality video of a makeshift budget iPhone with glued together parts, and now the same company has released a video showing the device running Android. The company is selling the device, dubbed the Basic Bear, for just $199. It features a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor and the same 4-inch 1136×640 Retina display as the iPhone 5. The device is made from a polycarbonate material and feels much sturdier than the Galaxy S line of devices, according to the company.

Based on the design of Apple’s budget iPhone, we have made an Android
version called the Basic Bear. It rocks a 4 inch display (1136 x 640),
1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage, 8
megapixel rear camera with LED flash, 2 megapixel camera w/ 1080p HD
video recording, Qi-wireless charging expansion slot, 2300 mAh
battery, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and much more. The best part? It
costs just $199, and comes in 5 vibrant colors.
For more information, visit our Techdy store:

For what it’s worth, the company also sells a Bear Pro, with a design similar to the HTC One for $249. Read more

LG releases video teasing G2 flagship ahead of August press event

Update: LG has sent out another invite to the same event, this time with an image the same as the one in the video.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 2.05.57 PM

Last month, LG sent out a press invite to an event on August 7th and given all the leaks and rumors, almost everyone assumed the event would be for the LG G2, a successor to the Optimus G flagship. LG has now released a video teaser for the event that essentially confirms that it will be for the G2.

Throughout the entire video, a man walking through New York City sees “To me, you are perfect. From G…” posted everywhere, from benches to taxis to graffitied walls. The video ends with a slide reading “Great 2 have you” with the date and time for the event listed below.

We’re still about a month away from the August 7th event, but we’ll be sure to bring you everything you need to know regarding LG’s next flagship. Read more

DLP technology can turn Nexus 7-sized tablets into projectors without changing form factor

One of the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Beam and its anticipated successors is that the projector and batteries that need to go along with it make the phone a bit of a brick.  You carry a phone with you every day and trying to sell a device that double the thickness and weight for a function (projecting) that you only use on rare occasions is tough.

But, with new DLP and LED technology that is reducing the battery drain and a bigger form factor (read: tablets) you can almost miss the additional weight and size required to add a projector to a portable device.  TI gave me a SmartDevices U7 projector-tablet to play around with for a few months to see how I liked the form factor.

Taking it out of the box, it feels like a more dense Nexus 7. While the form factor is largely the same, this SmartDevices tablet contains a 35 Lumen DLP projector that comes out of one of the sides of the tablet. That’s up for 15 Lumens on the Samsung Beam and a very noticeable improvement. While the beam requires a lowering of the lights, this projects to the 50-inch size in well-lit rooms. We’re not talking real projector quality but certainly viewable… Read more

Motorola holding press briefings next week, but is it for the Moto X? (updated)

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 2.44.39 PM

Update: According to a source speaking with CNET, Motorola does not plan to unveil the X Phone at the press briefings next week, saying the event is about “something else.”

We already know a lot about the upcoming Moto X Phone. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside announced it at the D11 conference earlier this year, and since then, we’ve seen images, specs, and details regarding customization options leak. The main thing we need to know is when it will be announced and when it will be released. On an episode of his This Week in Google show, podcaster Leo Laporte stated that he has been invited to an event at the Google campus on July 10th by Motorola employe Guy Kawasaki. It’s a small event, according to Laporte, with only 50 journalists being invited. The same event will also be held on July 11th with another group of reporters.

There are all sorts of things Moto/Google could have up its sleeves for this event, but Laporte seems pretty adamant about it being the Moto X Phone. It could also be something simple, such as Motorola wanting to further introduce its new strategy with reporters. Given the fact that it will be held on the Google campus, it could also be something entirely unrelated to Motorola, such as Android 4.3. As Google has said before, Motorola is supposed to be operated entirely separate with no direct access to Google.

On the ad released by Motorola earlier this week, two people were jumping into a lake forming “XI” with their bodies. In Roman numerals, X1 is obviously the number 11, which further leads to the possibility of the X Phone being announced at these small events. However, that’s a lot of speculation on top of very little information, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

For all of the details from Leo Laporte (not many) jump to the 40 minute mark in the video below:

Read more

Samsung goes after iPhone’s lack of language support in new Icelandic Galaxy S4 ad

Above we see a new ad that Samsung recently aired for its flagship Galaxy S4 in Iceland. The ad itself is a little on the strange side, but what’s not surprising is the fact that Samsung is once again not so subtly going after Apple. The point of the ad, in case you don’t speak Icelandic, is to drive home the fact that Apple doesn’t yet support the language for Siri or dictation features. Samsung’s YouTube description for the ad notes that the S4 allows users to dictate emails and messages in Icelandic, while the tagline for the ad reads “Get a phone that understands you.” We’re not exactly sure where the ninjas fit into that message, however.  Read more