In this week’s top stories: The battery app for Pixel and Nexus phones gets an update, we mark up the best Android smartwatches currently on the market, and the Pixel 2’s “Now Playing” feature can be replicated using Shazam. We kick things off this week with an update to the battery app for Pixel and Nexus. The app has been added to the Play Store under the name Device Health Services for easier updates. The Play Store description notes that “Device Health Services predicts how long your phone’s battery will last based on your usage.”

Also, we have put together a list of the best currently available Android smartwatches. With new hardware and software options that continue to get better and better, there’s no time like now to buy a smartwatch. And we have discovered a way to mostly replicate the Pixel 2’s “Now Playing” feature on any Android phone using Shazam.

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