October 10, 2016

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Google has been using AI and neural networks to help robotic arms to learn for quite some time now. Back in March the company published a report detailing how its software-enabled robotic arms were being taught to learn how to pick up objects by themselves, and the Mountain View company further detailed this research just last week in a blog post showing off a few more different approaches for general-purpose skill learning — like opening doors.

It’s impressive tech, but as with many of Google’s other impressive tech experiments, it seems like this one is never going to actually become a source of revenue for the company — at least not directly. The Google robotics group wanted to sell the arms to manufacturers, but that plan ultimately got turned down by Alphabet executives because they failed the “toothbrush test” (via Bloomberg)…

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Google’s new Pixel devices are impressive, but at $649 and up, it feels like the company skimped on a couple of things. One of the most puzzling things to skip was in the camera. Despite having “the best camera ever on a smartphone,” it still lacks OIS ─ thankfully, a representative from Google has given us some answers on this…

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October 9, 2016

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Since the launch of the Note 7, Samsung has been plagued with countless issues involving the handset. Following an official recall in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Samsung replaced over a million defective units, but even these new Note 7’s are having issues. According to a new report, Samsung is now halting the production of the Note 7, at least for the time being…

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It feels as though we’ve been hearing about HTC’s “upcoming” debut Android Wear smartwatch for years now, but we’ve never actually seen a release. At one point the company teamed up with Under Armor to create a fitness tracker, but now new images are coming out of China to show us the HTC “Halfbeak” smartwatch (via TechTastic)…

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While Tesla’s fleet recently reached 222 million miles driven on Autopilot in about a year, Google’s fleet of self-driving cars just passed the 2-million miles mark last month after 7 years on the road. As we previously discussed, Tesla’s Autopilot miles are not really equivalent to Google’s self-driving miles, but it still gives us a good indication of the speed at which each company is deploying their semi-autonomous and autonomous programs.

Now Google is about to speed up its effort by deploying a lot more vehicles through its partnership with Fiat-Chrysler to build a fleet of self-driving Pacifica, Chrysler’s new plug-in hybrid minivan. The first few prototypes were spotted in Mountain View over the weekend. expand full story

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