Made by Google 2018 November 30

With Made by Google now in its third year, it is simpler than ever to get or introduce someone into the ecosystem where Assistant and AI are central to the experience. Our best Google products gift guide comes in at all categories — like best phones, best speakers, best accessories, and best Chromebooks — and price ranges, making it especially easy to be treated this season or to treat others.

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Made by Google 2018 November 26

Over the past few weeks, Google has been on an advertising blitz promoting the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. From Hardware Stores to pop-up experiences, the latest is a series of advertisements specifically aimed at getting iPhone users to switch by exploring different pain points.

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

Thanks to some enterprising developers over at XDA, a modded Google Camera .apk file can be sideloaded onto OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T devices to give you a rudimentary experience of the Pixel 3 XL Night Sight on Oxygen OS. So with that in mind, we headed out into the freezing cold streets to see just how two of the newest specialist night-time camera modes fare against one another. expand full story

Made by Google 2018 November 16

Made by Google is heavily advertising its latest lineup from Hardware Stores to pop-ups, but sometimes nothing brings in more sales than a good deal. The Google Store today has shared its Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, with good deals beginning the week before.

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Made by Google 2018 November 14

Google Store will begin shipping Pixel Slate pre-orders late Nov/early Dec

Last week, Best Buy and Amazon began taking pre-orders for the Pixel Slate. The Google Store this evening has updated the order page with estimated shipping that puts the Chrome OS tablet on course for late November/early December availability.

Made by Google 2018 November 7

The Pixel Slate is the only Made by Google 2018 product that has yet to be released, with the company only noting availability for later this year. Meanwhile, since the 10/9 event, a Best Buy listing has featured a November 22nd launch date, with the retailer today putting up the Chrome OS tablet for pre-order.

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