Amazon selling Kindles at a rate of more than 1 million per week, for the last 3 weeks

Amazon Kindles are selling like wildfire, at least that’s the latest from the company. Amazon announced in a press release this morning that they’re selling more than 1 million Kindles per week — for the last 3 weeks. Granted this includes all three Kindles, but Amazon specifically mentioned the Kindle Fire, saying that it has broken records since it was released 11 weeks ago. Not only has it broken their records, but also is the best selling tablet at Target and others reports The Next Web.

We’ve embedded the press release after the break.

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Slingbox comes to GoogleTV

…and just like that, the GoogleTV suddenly becomes interesting again.

SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue

SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue now works with the Slingbox to extend your complete living room HDTV experience to another TV in your home, or wherever you want to watch. Access the SlingPlayer app from Google Spotlight and change channels, navigate the program guide, or watch and schedule recordings on your DVR – all on the big screen. Now you can enjoy your programming in crystal-clear HD on a TV in your ski condo, beach house, or let your college student watch in the dorm.

Strangely, no support yet for Sony GoogleTVs. In any case, the GoogleTV just got put in our vacation trip bag (not kidding).  Now, where is Hulu? Read more

Today’s 10 cent apps: Camera Zoom FX, Heavy Gunner 3D, Hyper Jump, more

Today is the last day of Google’s 10 cent app promotion in celebration of hitting 10 billion app downloads in the Android Market. Most of the other apps from Day 123, 4, 5, 67, 8, and 9 are still on sale for 10 cents as well. Check out all of today’s deals here, or grab direct links to each below.

Camera ZOOM FX
Shine Runner
Heavy Gunner 3D
TileStorm HD

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Glassdoor: Google Lands in Top 5 Among 2012 Best Employers


Google landed in the top 5 places to work in 2012, alongside fellow technology giants Apple and Facebook, according to a new Glassdoor survey.

The fourth annual Employees’ Choice award highlights 50 of the best workplaces. The findings are measured through company employees’ survey responses on

“The reviews are in,” said the career community website in its Dec. 14 press release. “Employees have spoken, revealing the best companies to work for in 2012; and, they love working at some of the biggest tech, science and management consulting companies in the nation… Read more

Nvidia CEO expects strong growth of non-Apple tablets during 2012

Nvidia CEO Jen-hsun Huang doesn’t typically shy away from making bold claims regarding the future of the tech industry. Just yesterday Huang claimed gaming consoles would reach “tens of teraflops” (according to MacWorld approximately a trillion floating point operations a second) by 2019. He is also, however, making some predictions about the industry on the short term, claiming non-Apple tablets (Android) will see significant growth over the next year due to increased compatibility and improved performance between hardware and software.

According to DigiTimes, Huang, not so surprisingly, expects a new wave of Android tablets and ultrabooks to experience growth during 2012, while noting that hybrid devices like the Transformer Prime from Asus will also experience increased demand. He doesn’t, however, expect the choice between various tablets, ultrabooks, and notebooks to be a huge concern for consumers with each device having its own advantages and thus its own market.
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Galaxy Nexus attracts lines at Verizon stores, so much for Samsung’s bashing of iPhone line sitters

You probably know by now that Verizon has finally begun selling the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $299 on a two year plan, or you can grab it for $199 on Amazon now. Early reviews are positive, to say the least. Despite Samsung’s persistent Apple-bashing, mostly poking fun at long lines that form on iPhone launch day, they might not be able to keep it up with BGR reporting lines are already starting to form at Verizon stores in Boston and elsewhere.  And this only 12 hours after the device was officially announced.

There certainly isn’t the frenzy of excitement that usually accompanies a new iPhone or iPad launch, but it’s still a good sign that the Galaxy Nexus might be the first Android device to create somewhat of a cult following similar to Apple’s handsets. We’re sure Samsung isn’t too upset about the lines… Another shot via Phandroid below:
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What the world searched for in 2011: Steve Jobs, Sai Baba, iPad 3, iPhone 5, Rebecca Black and more

For the eleventh year in a row, Google publishes its annual overview of the fastest-growing search terms of the past year, providing a pretty accurate overview of search trends on the search engine. Called Zeitgeist, it “sorts billions of Google searches to capture the year’s ten fastest-rising global queries and the rest of the spirit of 2011″, says the official Zeitgeist site. We find the initiative pretty interesting. Not only does it offer a valuable insight into what searches revealed about the interests of users, it also reveals the issues that have troubled the world throughout the year.

A couple interesting highlights, per Google’s blog post:

• Rebecca Black was the #1 fastest rising query globally and Google’s own Google+ social thing is ranked second
• Adele made the fastest rising lists in over 15 countries
• Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs made the list (mark 1:50 in the above clip), as did reality star Ryan Dunn and defendant Casey Anthony
• iPad 3 and iPhone 5 were among the often-searched terms (no surprises here)
• Devotees turned to Google following the April 4 passing of Sai Baba, an Indian guru, spiritual figure, mystic, philanthropist, and educator
• cupcakes made top food lists in over a dozen countries
• Hurricane Irene in the U.S. and earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan also topped the charts as thousands of people affected by those natural disasters turned to to seek information about their loved ones

These are just a few of the many noteworthy findings of Zeitgeist 2011. Make sure to check out the official site, they’ve really upped the ante in the visualization department. We especially like detailed infographics and the tools allowing visitors to mine whatever data interests them most, and even compare terms across categories.

Twitter and Yahoo did a similar thing so you may wanna have a look at Twitter’s Year in Review and Yahoo’s Top Searches of 2011.

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Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ Review: There isn’t a lot to complain about here

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Tomorrow, or tonight, is the big US Verizon launch of the Galaxy Nexus LTE so I figured I’d better get my HSPA+ review up already.  The short version: The HSPA+ version is the best Android device on the market today.  Buy it.  You’ll be ahead of everyone else software-wise for the next year or so.

The long version:

I’ve been using the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ version with both AT&T and T-Mobile SIMs and here are my takeaways.

  1. In my particular neck of the woods (Westchester just north of  NYC), AT&T is faster and has better coverage.  However, when I train into the city, T-Mobile has better coverage and is significantly faster as a broad generalization.  Both SIM phone numbers are tied to Google Voice so the change is pretty smooth otherwise.  What’s nice is the Google Nexus HSPA+ isn’t a BSer – it tells you when you have regular 3G or when you have HSPA+.  Most phones I’ve tested tell you you have 4G whenever you have a connection at all.
  2. The 720P 4.65 inch pentile screen is the best in the business, bar none.  I realize that the Rezound has a IPS LCD true 720P display and just about everyone is producing some sort of 720P display but Samsung’s is the best I’ve yet seen.  The only display I liked more?  Samsung Galaxy Note’s 720P 5.3″ display but that is a freakishly big “phone”.  With limited bezel, the 4.65 inch display “works” for the GN.  I still think the Droid RAZR is the coolest looking phone and won’t fault anyone for picking one up, especially at the significantly discounted price it was on offer for a few weeks ago.
  3. The GPS, like all Samsung Android  devices, is still behind HTC and Motorola as far as accuracy.  Samsung has been improving since the Captivate and Vibrant debuted over a year ago but they aren’t there yet and it sometimes takes 30 seconds for the phone to kick into navigation.  On the up side, you can use a normal charger and actually charge your phone while using GPS.  On the HTC Rezound, I actually lost charge while the device was plugged in and used GPS (and Pandora and Tethering).  So upside is low power GPS.  Downside is low power GPS.
  4. ICS is fast, feature-packed and a pleasure to use.  Android, like iOS, had gotten boring but there are a lot of cool new hooks inside Android 4.0.  Favorites include the new social contacts lists, screenshots, rapid fire camera shooting, dictation, and the improved CHROME browser.
  5. The Google Wallet omission thing is lame.  I understand Verizon blocking it.  But why can’t I use it on the International unlocked version? Read more

Verizon Confirms: Galaxy Nexus launches tomorrow, $299 w/ 2 year plan

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After all the wait, we’ve finally gotten definitive word from Verizon: The LTE Galaxy Nexus, which will be the first ICS phone sold in the US, will go on sale tomorrow for $299 with a two year service plan from Verizon.

Furthermore, the hold up was in fact the 4.0.2 update which we told you about hours ago.

Full press release follows: Read more

Is this 4.0.2 ICS update what Verizon’s been waiting for?

As we inch closer to the US release of the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon, update 4.0.2 of ICS has been pushed to those lucky enough to already get their hands on the device. A Droid-Life reader took the above shot revealing the build number ICL53F. For now it looks like the update is just bug fixes. Is this the update Verizon was looking for to launch the Galaxy Nexus?

Also adding more fuel to the fire, a mysterious package from Verizon is on the way to our reviewer and will arrive Friday. They won’t say what it is, but you obviously know what we’re hoping for. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.
Update: Verizon has confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus lands tomorrow.

Google Cloud Print rolls out to more users with new features

Google rolled out a nice little update for Google Cloud Print support today. While mentioning a number of new features added to the service such as the ability to control printer access, save to Google Docs, and a new tablet-friendly UI for the management page, they also announced site owners can now add the print button element for smartphones and tablets to their sites.

Other new additions to Google Cloud Print– those using the latest release of Chrome on Mac, Windows, or Linux can print any webpage, and Chromebook users will now have access to print preview. Google also notes they look forward to rolling out the service across products and platforms.

These features continue the rollout of GCP, which has connected more than 6 million printers since launch, and added a number of new supported products from companies like HP, Epson, and Kodak. You can get a full list of supported products here, and check out Chrome extensions and apps that currently have access to the service.
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Droidrage: Exploiting Android malware hysteria, Microsoft does Windows Phone giveaway on Twitter

Always the first to exploit competitors’ real or perceived weaknesses, Microsoft this morning posted an interesting message on Twitter in an attempt to exploit the Android malware issue that has been in the headlines over the past couple of days.

The message points to a Twitter profile belonging to the Windows Phone evangelist and Windows Team blog contributor Ben Rudolph, inviting owners of Android handsets to explain their #droidrage on Twitter.

The message reads:

That @BenThePCGuy…always causing trouble. Now he’s giving away free Windows Phones to people with #droidrage. See his feed for details.

While the Windows maker is seeking to sooth Android-malware-angsted users with Windows Phone giveaway (Rudolph is giving five free Windows Phones to posters with the worst malware horror stories), the Twitter backlash ensued.

One user wrote:

Criticizing your competitors rather than extolling your own virtues is always a sign of failure.

Another one joked:

One time I was walking through the desert on Tatooine, talking on my mobile when R2D2 mugged me. #DroidRage Do I get my free phone now?

What do you think, is Microsoft wrong to invite people to diss about Android on Twitter? Meet us in comments.

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