Google launching revamped OnePass platform for publishers within weeks

According to a new report from ReadWriteWeb, Google is prepping an overhaul of its OnePass platform for publishers sometime in “the next few weeks” based on feedback received from initial partners:

“Our engineering team is currently innovating on OnePass based on all that we’ve learned over its first year,” Google tells paidContent. “Our aim is to improve and iterate OnePass to suit the publishing industry’s needs.”

Google has been working with nearly a dozen publishing partners since the launch of the service in February 2011. Last November, French publishers, who offer content through a subscription service and iOS app known as ePresse, announced they would begin to use OnePass. Now reports from ePresse consortium member L’Express claimed the publishers have canceled their plans in anticipation of Google’s overhaul of the service in the coming weeks.
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Rumor: Google’s Nikesh Arora to run Motorola after deal is finalized

In case you are wondering who at Google would be in charge of running Motorola once the acquisition finally closes, a report from BusinessInsider said internally Google’s SVP and Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora is rumored to get the job:

Nikesh, who ran the company’s international business for Eric Schmidt and then took over the global business when Schmidt stepped down, is thought to have been “agitating” for a CEO role. He was recently said to be on a list of candidates to become CEO of Yahoo. It’s possible that the CEO slot at Motorola was part of Google’s counter to that opportunity.

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Steam for Android leaves beta and is now available to everyone, get downloading

Valve Software’s official Steam client for Android devices has been available in beta since last week. Today, the stable 1.0 version was released on Android Market. You will need a Steam account to use the app that lets you chat and participate in the Steam community from your phone or tablet, get heads-ups on discounts, browse profiles, access latest news and more. Note that the program does not enable mobile purchasing of Steam games nor does it facilitate gaming on the go.

Steam is a digital rights-managed distribution system for cross-platform delivery of games, but it also provides support for features such as multiplayer, automatic updates and in-game voice and video chat. The Android version of mobile Steam client arrived on the heels of last week’s release of a companion Steam app for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.

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Samsung pushing Galaxy Note with first-ever Super Bowl advert

Samsung confirmed plans to launch its Galaxy Note phone in the United States come Feb. 5 with an aggressive marketing push. The South Korean conglomerate will spare no expense promoting the 5.3-inch device that features a stylus, as it will take advantage of the nation’s most valuable ad space during the Super Bowl XLVI finals. To our overseas readers, Super Bowl is the largest sporting event in the United States.

The 90-second Galaxy Note Super Bowl commercial will air during the fourth quarter of the big game on Sunday, Feb. 5. Pre-orders for the Note begin the same day, Samsung confirmed. As we learned yesterday, the Note will also be available at AT&T and Best Buy Stores beginning Feb. 19, with pre-orders at those outlets also starting Feb. 5.

The commercial, which will also feature HD shots made on the Note, marks Samsung’s Super Bowl debut, as the company never bought a Super Bowl ad slot in its 71-year history. The advert is directed by Bobby Farrelly of the “There’s Something About Mary,” “Dumb and Dumber” and “Kingpin” fame. The announcement also marks a continuation of Samsung’s aggressive marketing push…

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Google addresses new privacy policy concerns in letter to Congress

Following the introduction of Google’s new privacy policy, late last week we reported government officials issued a statement and planned to request that the Federal Communications Commission launch a probe to investigate the changes. In response, Google has now issued its own letter to Congress addressing some of the concerns and detailing important issues that are not changing.

Before answering the questions presented in the letter from Congress, Google took some time to outline aspects of its policies that will not change. Among them: Google reminded Congress that the new policy will only apply to users signed into a Google account, while those signed in can still access the usual privacy settings like turning off search history, tailoring ads within Ads Preferences Manager, and setting Gmail chat to “off the record.”

Google noted, “The privacy policy changes don’t affect our users’ existing privacy settings. If a user has already used our privacy tools to opt out of personalized search or ads, for example,” they will remain opted out. The company also made it clear the new policy will not collect any new or additional data. Google further clarified how users will be able to access multiple accounts:

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EU to formally investigate Samsung over mobile patents

European Union regulators today announced the launch of a formal investigation of Samsung over mobile patents to determine whether the South Korean conglomerate breached EU antitrust rules in its legal dealings with competitors. The investigation is focused on so-called FRAND patents, a common rule that stipulates a patent applying to the standard must be adopted on “fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms” (FRAND). According to the press release, EU regulators want to figure out whether Samsung “used certain of its standard essential patent rights to distort competition in European mobile device markets, in breach of EU antitrust rules.”

The Commission reminds that Samsung a decade ago promised to let rivals license its mobile patents under FRAND terms. The full-blown investigation comes in the light of the lawsuits Samsung filed against Apple at courts in Germany, France, the Netherlands and other countries around the world, asserting copyright infringement related to patents essential to wireless telecommunications standards.

The case is “a matter of priority,” the document reads. Patent blogger explained, “The European Commission can’t wait until Samsung finally wins a ruling based on such a patent and enforces it, potentially causing irreparable harm.” The full text of the European Commission Antitrust Commission announcement can be found below.

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Watch President Obama’s live Google+ Hangout

We told you last week that President Obama would be joining Google+ users for a live Hangout tonight at 5:30 p.m. ET from the White House. You can tune in to the live stream of the interview and Q&A session above.

Yesterday Google’s Vic Gundotra posted on Google+ about the unusual circumstances of hosting a live hangout from the White House:

“Team is nervous tonight. A lot of unusual circumstances that make this broadcast even more challenging. (You just don’t walk into the West Wing of the +The White House and set up computer equipment!)”

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Google names Cloud Sherpas ‘Google Enterprise 2011 Partner of the Year’

Following a few big recent Google Apps enterprise announcements— including signing its biggest partnership ever with BBVA switching 110,000 employees to the platform— Google officially named its “Google Enterprise 2011 Partner of the Year.”  This year’s award goes to Cloud Sherpas for its work in helping over 1 million users migrate to Google Apps since 2008 with a revenue growth of more than 300 percent for the third year straight.

Google’s Head of Global Partner Programs Mark Hodgson at a Google enterprise sales event in San Francisco recently handed out the award. CEO for Cloud Sherpas Douglas Shepard said the following about the announcement:

“The Partner of the Year award from Google is important because it validates the role of the channel in helping businesses succeed in the cloud. We hear repeatedly from clients that they need the services of Google experts to fully leverage the platform, collaborate more effectively and grow their businesses. We are proud to be recognized as Google’s partner of the year, and we look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Google and Google Apps users in 2012.”

The full press release is after the break:

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Google launches official Android Developers page on Google+

In order to spread its message and keep developers in the loop, the fabulous Android development team launched an official Android Developers page on Google+. The team said it is launching the new website to connect with developers and build quality apps for the Android ecosystem.

We’re focused on working with you – Android developers – to help make your apps and games successful within the Android ecosystem. We’re looking forward to finding out what you want to hear from us – so let us know how we can best help you build awesome Android apps in the comments below.

The team encourages developers to add the page to their Google+ Circles to keep on top of news and to join Google+ Hangouts.

This is a pretty cool website out of Google. It is neat to see a one-stop place for Android developers to get their news and communicate with others in the similar field. Google also made an Android Developers website as a way to stay on top of code changes and tutorials, but we are sure the Google+ profile will keep all of that aggregated. You can read the full introduction post after the break.

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Report: Google fires two employees over Mocality scandal

Google dismissed its Kenya Country Lead Olga Arara-Kimani, along with a “technical guy in Zurich,” over the recent Google-Mocality scandal.

The information is not officially confirmed by Google. However, Kenyan blog NairobiTech reported Olga was “picked for the fall,” because a “sacrificial lamb has to be found for the brand name to weather the storm.”

The firings coincide with a Jan. 27 Google+ post by Europe and Emerging Markets Product and Engineering Vice President Nelson Matto:

We’ve concluded our investigation into the serious allegations about our use of data from Mocality’s website in Kenya. We’re very sorry this happened. We’ve taken appropriate action with the people involved and made changes in our operations to ensure this doesn’t occur again.

More information is available below.

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Japanese carrier blames outage on heavy Android app traffic, requests that Google do something about it

Ever since the original iPhone redefined the smartphone and Android became popular, carriers in the United States were caught flat-footed and they have constantly been whining about an undesired network impact caused by data-hungry owners of iPhones and Android devices.

While U.S. carriers are to blame for their years-long reluctance to upgrade their infrastructure and prepare for the inevitable surge in traffic, wireless operators elsewhere have mostly been able to mitigate the issue. Nevertheless, with 700,000 Android devices being activated each day, and the rising popularity of Google’s platform in Japan, it was only a matter of time before Japanese carriers faced similar hurdles as their U.S. peers.

According to a Reuters report citing a local newspaper story by the business daily Nikkei, Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo said a recent network outage is to blame for a heavy surge in traffic caused by some data-centric Android apps that move large chunks of bits through its cellular network. Specifically, the carrier made claims that VoIP apps disrupted the service and is now requesting that Google do something about it:

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Rumor: Samsung to unveil 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab at MWC with WXQGA display

A mockup of an 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab versus a 10.1-inch model, courtesy of

Samsung allegedly plans to announce a bigger, 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab tablet powered by Ice Cream Sandwich at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The show is scheduled to run Feb. 27 to March 1, 2012. According to German-language, the new Tab will not be just bigger; it should take advantage of Samsung’s 2GHz dual-core Exynos 5250 chip that was announced last November.

Given the 5250’s four times graphics performance compared to the Exynos 4210 silicon, the 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab might be the first tablet with an ultra high-resolution display. The Exynos 5250 is based on the Cortex A15 architecture from fables semiconductor design firm ARM Holdings and Samsung said it is capable of delivering 14,000 DMIPS. This could be the reason alone for a bigger Tab.

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